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Viatrad AGENCY is a technical translations provider based in Bacau, but you can also find us nationwide and throughout the world. For more than 10 years, we have been working with translators in various fields such as technical, legal, economic, energy, electrical, mechanical, literary, medical, IT.

Depending on your requests, Viatrad AGENCY can provide certified, legalized translations, accompanied by apostille or superlegalisation, interpreting services, transcription and editing services (DTP).

We offer the highest quality services in the shortest time, while maintaining a good price-quality ratio and high standards.

We are always ready to take on top projects, no matter how tight the deadline.

Why us?


  • We offer FREE consultancy!
  • We suggest the best solution for quality and optimal costs.
  • We offer full confidentiality.
  • We keep all your translated documents in electronic format for 10 years!
  • We are available for you 24/7.
  • Ten years of experience.
  • ISO certified services.
  • Translations into over 55 languages.
  • Any activity field and any specialization.

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We offer translation services nationwide and throughout the world:

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Company management

We all share a passion for languages and aim to use the latest innovations in technology to solve the most challenging problems pertaining to localization, internationalization and globalization of information. Our team is comprised by veterans of the localization industry. We bring our broad expertise and passion to each project.

We employ a diverse and large number of linguists and software localization engineers. We are confident to say that our work force is one the most capable in this industry.

Vlad Ungureanu

President & CEO

Alexandra Ungureanu

President & CEO