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Viatrad Agency Services

Translation of documents

Whether your language translation needs are large or small, VIATRAD AGENCY is always there to assist you with your document translation requests.

Apostille for foreign public documents

VIATRAD AGENCY provides you with the team of legal counsellors within the Apostillation/Authentication Department and can help you obtain the apostille, the authentication and certifications for any document or translation issued by any competent authority in the country (Chamber of Notaries, Prefecture, Ministry of Justice, Court-of-Law, Ministry of External Affairs) and embassies in Bucharest.

Interpreting services

VIATRAD AGENCY offers high quality interpreting services in addition to our professional translation services. We only use qualified linguists for our face to face interpreting services, which means that you can be certain they will be of the highest quality.


VIATRAD AGENCY can convert any audio or video file you need transcribed. We use only professional transcribers, so your transcription is done with accuracy (contingent upon quality of the original audio source), speed, and precision!


DTP services provided by VIATRAD AGENCY are essential for the technical and graphic preparation of any translated material before printing. Linking the components of the source document (logo, images, graphics, tables, various information, text) results in a perfect document at the end of the project.

Why us?

Our translators are experienced and specialize in the fields of medicine, technology and law.
Depending on customer requirements, we provide certified translations, accompanied by apostille or legalized.

  • We offer FREE advice!
  • We offer the best solution for optimum quality and cost.
  • We offer full confidentiality.
  • We keep all the translated documents electronically for 10 years!
  • We are available for you 24/7.
  • Ten years of experience.
  • ISO certified services.
  • Translations into 55 languages.
  • Any field and any specialization.

About Us

Viatrad AGENCY is a technical translations provider based in Bacau, but you can also find us nationwide and throughout the world. For more than 10 years, we have been working with translators in various fields such as technical, legal, economic, energy, electrical, mechanical, literary, medical, IT.

Depending on your requests, Viatrad AGENCY can provide certified, legalized translations, accompanied by apostille or superlegalisation, interpreting services, transcription and editing services (DTP).

We offer the highest quality services in the shortest time, while maintaining a good price-quality ratio and high standards.

We are always ready to take on top projects, no matter how tight the deadline.

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